About Us

The British Columbia Oracle Users Group (BCOUG) is an independent, not for profit, organization created by users of Oracle software (DBAs, Developers, Analysts, and IT management) to enhance our knowledge and our communities in Vancouver, Victoria and the rest of B.C.

We support the community by organizing:

  • Education Seminars
  • Technical Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Best Practice Symposiums
  • Special Guest Lectures
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Social Events

Upcoming Events

    You are cordially invited to join the BCOUG at our next Vancouver event on April 3, 2019.


    IMPORTANT: Please note the change in address for BC LDB.


    Session 1

    Topic: Using Docker for Oracle Database Professionals

    Speaker: Sean Scott, Pythian


    When I first started using Docker as a platform for delivering databases to development teams, I had no idea what I was doing. The terminology was foreign. Docker's stateless and immutable nature seemed contradictory for use with a database. The usefulness of Oracle within Docker containers appeared narrow.

    Since then I've learned that Oracle on Docker elegantly addresses a multitude of situations faced by database administrators and developers. Docker is now my go-to solution when I need an Oracle environment for testing or experimentation. It's surprisingly easy and fast once you're used to it, and the learning curve need not be steep.

    In this talk, I share the things I wish I'd known about Docker when I first started using it, provide examples of common problems encountered by database professionals that are solved by Docker, and walk the audience through the steps for creating and using Oracle databases in Docker containers.

    This presentation is intended for DBAs and developers new to Docker and containers who want to increase their understanding of the technology and begin using databases on Docker. Though the focus of the presentation is on Oracle, the material is applicable to other SQL and noSQL databases.

    Participants will learn:

    • Docker terminology
    • The structures of containers and how they run and interact with a host
    • Practical examples of Oracle on Docker as a superior approach to traditional methods
    • Steps for installing and creating Oracle databases on Docker
    • How to configure programs running on the host, like SQL*Developer, to interact with a database
    • How to persist datafiles and data to achieve permanence outside of containers
    • How to move or share a database between containers, hosts, and operating systems
    • How to save customizations to Docker images
    • How to prepare an Oracle/Docker container to support more complex installations such as APEX


    Session 2

    Topic: Building Castles in the Air

    Speaker: Adrian Png, Insum


    Moving beyond hype to reality, the Oracle Cloud has matured and is growing with new data centres coming online in 2019, including Canada. In this session, we will condense Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offering and examine what are the decision points to consider and steps in building an Oracle Application Express (APEX) Infrastructure on the cloud.


    About the Speakers

    Sean Scott – Pythian

    Sean has been administering Oracle databases since the late 20th century. His interests lie primarily in performance tuning, high availability, RAC, and automation.


    Adrian Png - Insum

    Adrian Png is a Senior Consultant at Insum. He has spent the last two decades designing and implementing software solutions using a wide variety of programming languages. Adrian has a deep passion for Oracle Application Express, and using this tool, he has helped many organizations succeed in developing robust data management practices. As a full-stack developer, he also does double-duty as a database and cloud administrator. 'Design for the user' is his motto, and he continually seeks to optimize processes and adopt new strategies and technologies to improve how data is captured, integrated, and used effectively.


    BCOUG Tech Day 2019

    May 10, 2019 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM

    The British Columbia Oracle Users Group (BCOUG) is proud to present its second annual Tech Day. This is a full-day event with multiple parallel sessions to get up to speed on the latest developments in Oracle Database and developer technologies.


    Keynote Sessions

    Coding Therapy for Database Developers

    We've seen a major shift in the landscape when it comes to how databases are selected for use with new application development. In short, UI developers (many of them writing in JavaScript) are picking the database that is most expedient for them, without (from our backend view) much regard for data consistency and integrity. It’s easy to be disdainful of such choices. It’s a lot harder to figure out how to effectively communicate a message of the importance of database to application development. In this session, Steven offers some “therapy” to database developers to help them communicate and work with UI developers more effectively, as well more, ahem, standard therapy (dream therapy, shock therapy, game therapy, couples therapy) that will improve the way you write your code.

    Steven Feuerstein

    Steven Feuerstein
    Oracle Developer Advocate
    Oracle Corporation



    It was a tough call to make, but the conference abstract selection committee has decided on the slate of speakers. This year, we are pleased again to present a "spade-studded" list of international speakers, with a wide range of topics that should appeal to both DBAs and Developers!

    • Carlos Sierra (Oracle ACE Director)
      • My query was performing well until last night. How do I fix it now?
    • Charles Kim (Oracle ACE Director)
      • PDB Me, ASAP! Deep Dive Into Oracle Database 12cR2 Multitenancy
    • Franky Weber Faust (Oracle ACE)
      • Oracle Partitioning for DBAs and Developers. Why, when and how to use it?
    • Karen Lopez (Microsoft MVP)
      • The Tricky Part About Doing Tricky Things in Your Database
    • Michelle Hardwick (Oracle ACE Director)
      • Leveraging Advanced SQL for Analytics
      • Finding Patterns in your Data with SQL
    • Rene Antunez (Oracle ACE)
      • How DBAs can garner the power of the Oracle Public Cloud
    • Scott Spendolini (Oracle ACE Director)
      • APEX Security Checklist
      • At Your Service: APEX & Web Services
    • Simon Pane (Oracle ACE)
      • Important steps to make your Oracle DB more secure, right now!