About Us

The British Columbia Oracle Users Group (BCOUG) is an independent, not for profit, organization created by users of Oracle software (DBAs, Developers, Analysts, and IT management) to enhance our knowledge and our communities in Vancouver, Victoria and the rest of B.C.

We support the community by organizing:

  • Education Seminars
  • Technical Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Best Practice Symposiums
  • Special Guest Lectures
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Social Events

Upcoming Events

    Real Life SQL Tuning and Logger

    October 10, 2018 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

    You are cordially invited to join the BCOUG at our next Vancouver event on October 10, 2018.


    Session 1

    Topic: Real Life SQL Tuning: From 4 Minutes to 8 Seconds in an Hour

    Speaker: Liron Amitzi, DBAces


    In 20 years of SQL tuning, I have learned many things. The number of elements that affect query tuning is huge: tables' structure, indexes, optimizer behavior and the SQL text itself are only some of them. In this session we will dive into an example of SQL tuning, based on real life experience. Together we will identify the problem, analyze it (from understanding the schema and the application logic to looking at the object structure and SQL text) and fix it, while learning the techniques and gaining some best practices of performance tuning. As a side note, we will also see why the relationship between the DBA and the developer is so important.


    Session 2

    Topic: Logger: Everyone's Using It, Why Aren't You?

    Speaker: Martin D'Souza, Insum Solutions


    Code Instrumentation (i.e. logging) can be a huge time saver in your code. Most organizations don't instrument their code, do a hack job (using dbms_output and then removing it before release), create their own logging platform, or use Logger (github.com/oraopensource/logger).

    For those not using Logger, this talk is for you. It'll cover the basics of Logger, an open source PL/SQL logging tool. If you're already using Logger, this talk will cover new features and future plans.

    This talk is suitable for both managers and developers as proper code instrumentation can significantly reduce development/debugging time and aid in production issues.


    About the Speakers

    Liron Amitzi - DBAces

    Liron is an Oracle ACE and a senior Oracle DBA consultant, with 20 years of experience. During these years Liron worked as a senior consultant with a large number of companies in various fields and managed an Oracle Professional Services Team. He mainly specializes in high availability solutions, performance, backup and recovery, and other infrastructure and application database areas. Liron is the president of BCOUG (British Columbia Oracle User Group), the US Events Chair and IOUG Liaison of Oracle RAC SIG, and he is also a well-known instructor and lectures in Oracle courses, events and forums.


    Martin D'Souza - Insum Solutions

    Martin D'Souza is the director of innovation at Insum. He is also the founder of OraOpenSource. Throughout his career, Martin has held a range of positions within award-winning companies. His experience in the technology industry has been focused on developing database-centric web applications using the Oracle technology stack. Martin is the author of the popular blog talkapex.com and a designated Oracle ACE director. He has co-authored and authored various APEX books and is an active participant in a number of open-source projects, such as Logger. Martin has also presented at numerous international conferences such as APEX Connect, Oracle OpenWorld, and ODTUG Kscope.


We thank our corporate sponsors for their contributions.